The Art of Neutralizing to Sell

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to staging a home to sell, but really it’s all about keeping it simple. It is very easy to get overwhelmed on where to start, especially of you’re a home builder looking to stage a new home. Before you make too bold of a statement with color, furnishings, or decor, you should understand the power of neutralizing a staged home. In this post, I will walk you through some important guidelines for keeping a home neutral.

Neutral Color Palette

The foundation of neutralizing a staged home is to consider your color palette. Begin by looking at shades like whites, grays, beiges and earth tones. These types of colors create and foster a calm and welcoming environment. It is ideal to keep it open and airy, rather than too dark or overly bright and bold. This is very important when you are trying to maximize space. Also, neutral colors serve as a versatile backdrops for the furniture and decor that you add to the home.

Balanced Tones

Neutralizing doesn’t require you to stick to cool or warm tones exclusively. Instead, it is about the proper balance. Look at the space and consider the features that you want to highlight. For a modern look, cool tones are always a good choice. For a traditional-style home, warm tones will make the home feel and look cozy. The biggest goal is to make the home feel inviting.


This is so important not only for individual home owners, but for homebuilders as well. Try to avoid letting your personal style preferences guide the staging process. The idea is to let prospective buyers imagine their own decor in the home and take away any unnecessary distractions. Allowing buyers to visualize how they would personalize the space is essential. This also keeps the experience professional and polished.

Stage Light Design LLC

If you would like help in neutralizing your home or space, Stage Light Design, LLC is the here for you. I can help you understand how to make a space appealing to your ideal buyer. Please call or email to schedule a free consultation today.

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