To Sconce, or not to sconce…

Sconces are coming back and modern styles are making a bold impact…

Function, style and how-tos

I have always been a fan of a good sconce. My family would often tease me about my sconces as I would place the traditional type and as I started staging and decorating, it would often be my trademark. But, the styles that I often placed in a space are outdated and not very functional. Now, sconces can be found in different styles, sizes and options and they are making a huge comeback to decorating.

Wall sconces are an excellent way to add character and ambiance to both the interior and exterior of your home. The light from these wall lights helps to illuminate the alluring features of your home while creating a more inviting atmosphere. Wall sconces are making a comeback and they do not have to be traditional, many modern styles have made a huge impact on lighting or decorating a room. I have always loved a good sconce to accent a room, space or wall.

Many people would agree that when it comes to selecting sconces, the first step is to find the perfect style and finish to complement their space. While this is certainly true, it is equally important to consider placement and functionality, which is the part most people find challenging. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few guidelines I like to stick to when it comes to installing wall sconces, and I thought I would share them with you.


When it comes to the bedroom, it’s all about determining the proper location based on function. If you’re a nighttime reader, you’ll want to make sure the sconces are intentionally placed so that you can read comfortably. Definitely lay and in bed to ensure you have the proper height.

From there, measure a few inches above your shoulder. Traditionally, this has measured to be about 5’ above the ground, but since bed height varies this may not always be the case. Be sure to take individual measurements into consideration as well and land on a height that works for everyone.


Since kitchen lighting in critical, it is important to complement the kitchen lighting mounted fixtures with the sconces that you pick out. This will ensure that you have enough lighting for any time of the day. When installing task lighting, you’ll generally want to measure 60” from the floor or a minimum of 24” from the countertop.


I absolutely love sconces in the bathroom, as it is great to provide extra lighting and elegance. Generally, it is a good idea to place wall sconces near a mirror as task lighting. When installing sconces on either side of the vanity, it’s best to install bathroom sconces between 60”-65” from the floor.

The height of the sconce should land just around eye level, preventing unflattering shadows or harsh glares. If you decide to place your sconce above the mirror, it is important to install it between 75”- 80” above the ground depending on the placement of the mirror. This ensures optimal light coverage for daily routines. When it comes to the bathroom, the more lighting, the better.


As a general practice, wall sconces are installed between 60”- 72” from the finished floor. Depending on the layout of the space, you can also install multiple fixtures down your hallway. When it comes to horizontal spacing, sconces are traditionally 6’ apart. But keep in mind that the six-foot rule may not always apply. Placement depends on how long your hallway is and if any other architectural features (such as vaulted ceilings, doorways, etc.) factor in. 

Whatever the room, style or placement, definitely place a sconce here or there and you will be amazed at what it does for the space, room and design.

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